Our Consultancy

#1 – The Meet and Greet

First things first, a quick chat over some good coffee. Here at Rocks and Rings we pride ourselves on a first class service without the need for a suit and tie. Whether it’s around the corner at a new cafe, or simply at your home or office, we will sit down to discuss what we are about at Rocks and Rings and how we are able to help you find that perfect piece. This consultation is free (and can be done via a video call or email if you choose) and will help you get one step closer to that diamond ring.

#2 – Helping to Find the Perfect Piece

The second consultation is about getting the low-down from you. Everything is up for discussion including your partner’s taste and style, when you would like to propose, what carrots have got to do with anything and of course, your budget. Once we get all the information needed, we go away and begin the hunt for the perfect engagement ring.

In the following days to come, we do our research and collect information from various companies, wholesalers, jewellers and diamond specialists both locally and from all over the world. This stage of our service will greatly affect how happy you are with the end result.

#3 – Turning Ideas into a Reality

The third consultation involves combining your ideas and our research and turning them into a reality. We will present you with our different options, going through each in detail. Once we have found ‘the one’, the diamond is purchased and the ring is made to order to fit your partner’s finger perfectly.

Generally, this process take about two weeks. However, if you are under the pump and need the ring immediately, we have been known to complete the turn around within five days. If you do require a shorter turnaround, please let us know in your initial enquiry.

#4 – The Unveiling

The fourth consultation is by far the most exciting. Finally you get to see the diamond ring you have been waiting for. You may get a taste of what your partner will feel like when you bend down and pop the question!

Once you have finished looking at the engagement ring, we will explain a few minor details like  insurance, warranty (generally a lifetime warranty on the setting and diamond, provided by the jeweller), and general care and maintenance. However, this is not where we part ways. We do provide the option of discussing engagement/proposal ideas. Whether it’s organising four-dozen red roses and a flood of candles on the beach, or a photographer and a bottle of champagne at your favourite spot, we can arrange it all to help ensure your better half is none-the-wiser! You can be assured that our promise of great value and quality continues.

We are your trusted engagement ring consultants but are also available to use our expertise and passion in other areas going forward. Whether its to help find a wedding band, bridal jewellery, a special piece for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. The team at Rocks and Rings are here to help should you ever have any problems, questions or feedback.

*** Please keep in mind that we can organise all of the above without meeting face to face. So, if you live overseas, interstate or are too busy this is not a problem. Our service is flexible and we are committed to giving you the best service, wherever you may be.